Vegan Substitute for Parmesan Cheese

Updated on: 21.12.2020
vegan substitute for parmesan cheese

In this article, we will present the easiest, fastest, and simplest recipe to make a vegan substitute for parmesan cheese.

We all know the feeling – you spend too much time on a task and suddenly realize you are on the edge of starvation. What quicker solution than to whip up some quick spaghetti with vegan pesto rosso and sprinkle it with some nice vegan parmesan cheese?

But then it hits you – oh no, I’ve run out of storebought vegan parmesan cheese! What do I do now? The pasta is boiling, the pesto is ready, who has time to run to the store?

Don’t worry, we’ve got a solution for you. Not only is this vegan substitute for parmesan cheese super easy to make, it’s also much healthier than the storebought version, which usually contains huge amounts of coconut oil and thus saturated fat.

vegan substitute for parmesan cheese
vegan substitute for parmesan cheese

The Healthiest Recipe for Parmesan Cheese

All the ingredients in this recipe are super healthy, as opposed to non-vegan parmesan cheese (as a side note, did you know that parmesan isn’t even vegetarian?)

Once you give it a try, you just might stop buying vegan parmesan cheese altogether and stick to this recipe.

It requires only a few things that most vegans always have on hand – cashews, nutritional yeast (also known as nooch), garlic powder, salt, and a small mixer or blender. Yes, it really is that simple.

By using this vegan parmesan cheese, you will be filling yourself with yummy healthy goodness. How healthy, you ask? Enough to forget about all other vegan parmesan cheese substitutes.

For example, did you know that garlic powder is protective against heart disease? Check out the video below to learn what the science says.

Furthermore, another ingredient called nutritional yeast (or nooch) is an amazing source of B vitamins and contains many important vitamins and minerals.

Looking for the culprit behind the cheesy aroma and flavor of this mix? You guessed it, it’s nooch. There’s a reason it’s a staple ingredient in the kitchen of most vegans. You can learn more about it here.

However, this recipe would not taste the same without cashews, which provide it with a slightly sweet taste and creamy texture.

Fear not, they are very low in sugar and pack a punch when it comes to healthy fats, protein and fiber. In their raw form, they are a terrific source of magnesium, zinc, copper, iron and manganese, which aid your body in a number of ways, such as improving brain and bone health. You can read more about the benefits of cashews here.


Now without further ado, here is the only vegan substitute for parmesan cheese recipe you’ll ever need.

How to Make A Vegan Substitute for Parmesan Cheese

Ingredients for vegan parmesan cheese:
– 15 cashew nuts (preferably raw as they are much healthier)
– 1 tsp garlic powder
– 2 tbsp nutritional yeast
– a pinch of salt

Total Time: 3 minutes

Put all the ingredients in the blender or small mixer

Pour cashews into a blender and add garlic powder, nutritional yeast and salt.

Pulse several times to get the desired coarsness and size of cheese particles

Check between pulses so you don’t overgrind it, as it will stick to the sides of the blender because of the cashew fat content. If needed, scrape down the sides and pulse once more to break up the sticky chunks.

Taste and add more salt if needed.

After pulsing, give it a taste and add more salt if you so desire. Note that the mixture should be quite salty to match the saltiness of parmesan cheese since you will presumably be sprinkling it on pasta and not eating it with a spoon (but hey, we don’t judge, you do you!)

Pour into a glass container and set in fridge or use immediately

The mixture keeps in the fridge for about 2 weeks. Sprinkle it on pasta or any other savoury dish for best result.

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Thanks for reading and cooking with us! Bon appetit! 🙂

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