Vegan Substitute for Cottage Cheese – The Cultured Cashews Version

Updated on: 14.12.2020
vegan cottage cheese
vegan cottage cheese

In this article, we will reveal our vegan substitute for cottage cheese recipe that uses fermented cashew cream as a base.

The preparation time for the cottage cheese itself is quick, preparing the fermented cheesy base it uses takes quite a bit of planning ahead.

If you are looking for a quick and easy vegan substitute for cottage cheese that you want to eat in a matter of minutes, check out this recipe that uses tofu.

On the other hand, if you do have the time and motivation to go the extra mile, give this fermented cottage cheese a try, it’s delicious and also incredibly healthy for your digestive system. You can read all about the benefits of fermented foods here.

What are fermented foods?

Fermented foods are foods that have active microorganisms, which cause the food to ferment. Fermentation happens when the food is exposed to the activity of microbes in an incubated form without oxygen.

A number of factors, such as temperature, time and pH value enable the microorganisms to break down ogranic matter such as sugars.

As the microorganisms multiply and break down organic matter, the food is altered and acquires a different aroma, texture, flavour and bioactive substances such as vitamins and minerals.

Why is fermentation good?

  • It helps preserve the food because of its production of acids.
  • Fermentation alters and improves the texture, flavor, and aroma of the food.
  • It is a source of probiotics that play an important role in the normal functioning of your immune system.
  • The food has higher amounts of bioactive substances such as vitamin B, C, and K2.
  • The food becomes easier to digest than its pre-fermented form.
  • A higher amount of enzymes enables better absorption of nutrients.
  • It leads to the removal of some substances such as phytates, which are naturally present in food such as legumes and work as nutrient absorption inhibitors.
vegan cottage cheese serving example
vegan cottage cheese serving example

Below is the cultured cashew cottage cheese recipe. The preparation of the ingredients takes quite a bit of time so make sure to plan ahead.

Follow the cheese base recipe, for which you will require a vegan probiotic, or for bulletproof results make your own rejuvelac fermented drink.

All the utensils and dishes you use must be completely clean. The cheese base should not come into contact with any metal.

How to Make Cultured Vegan Substitute for Cottage Cheese

Cheese base
– salt
– nutritional yeast
– lemon zest and garlic (optional)

Total Time: 2 hours and 5 minutes

Combine the ingredients

Add lots of salt and nutritional yeast to the base, which you’ve made with a powerful blender. If desired, add lemon zest and chopped garlic for a stronger flavor. Mix thoroughly with a wooden or plastic spatula.

Set in fridge for a couple of hours

Set in the fridge for the flavors to settle in.

Garnish (optional) and serve

Make several balls out of the base. Roll them in spices such as thyme or chives before serving or serve immediately.

And there you have it, your cultured vegan substitute for cottage cheese. It keeps in the fridge for up to 2 weeks, but we promise you, it’ll be gone the same day.

It goes great with bread, crackers, jacket potatoes, polenta, and frika, a delicious Slovenian dish the recipe for which we will be sharing soon. Make sure not to miss it! Bon appetit! 🙂

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