5 Best Individual Smoothie Blenders – Top Guide for 2021

Updated on: 30.04.2021

Choosing a great blender that fits your needs can be a long process, so we’ve compiled the best individual smoothie blenders 2021 buyer’s guide to help you with your choice.

If you are on the go but refuse to let your health and nutrition suffer, and you insist on getting in those 5 a day, a good single-serve smoothie blender is an essential kitchen appliance for you.

A reliable individual smoothie blender is also perfect if you want to prepare small batches, such as spreads or sauces, or if you just want to grind your coffee afresh every morning.

What are the best individual smoothie blenders 2021?

Overall best individual smoothie blender: NutriBullet Pro Plus
Best price/performance ratio blender: CHULUX Bullet Blender
Best budget single-serve blender: Tenswall Portable Blender

NutriBullet Pro Plus

CHULUX Bullet Blender

Tenswall Portable

How do I choose a good blender for myself?

Not sure whether you need a jar blender, a mini blender or an immersion blender? We’ve got you! You can find the answers in the guide below. The article itself recommends the best individual smoothie blenders that are small, reliable and easy to use.

How to choose the best blender?


Think about the types of food you want to process. For soups and curries, we recommend immersion blenders so you can blend food directly in the pot. To crush ice, choose a multifunction blender with this option. For individuals and easy transport, we recommend personal or mini blenders. Jar blenders are a good choice for larger amounts and tend to be the most popular.

Powerful blender

To process dry ingredients such as nuts and seeds and get smooth peanut butter without added oil, you need a blender with a power range of over 700 watts. To easily make smooth cashew cream, banana ice cream, or the perfect vegan cheese base, buy a blender with a powerful motor of at least 500 watts.


The more powerful the blender, the louder it usually is. The noise also depends on the type of blades and the food being processed. If you plan on making smoothies early in the morning but don’t want to anger the neighbors, look for blenders that have noise dampening materials.


Decide whether you want to control the processing speed of your blender manually or prefer pre-set automatic control. Some high-end blenders automatically apply the optimal processing speed if you choose one of their pre-set recipe options.

Easy to clean blender

Many blender containers and blades can be washed in a dishwasher. Make sure to check the size of your dishwasher when choosing the blender container size. If you will wash it by hand, choose a blender with removable blades. Some more expensive blenders are self-cleaning.

An affordable good quality blender

Evaluate your needs and budget limits. Decide what qualities matter most to you. Based on the criteria above, choose the blender with a good ratio between desired features and cost. To make this decision easier, you can check out our buyer’s guides.

Our selection of the 5 best individual smoothie blenders 2021

The following shopping guide is for the best individual smoothie blenders, also known as single-serve blenders or mini blenders.
If you want an immersion blender, check out our 5 Best Immersion Blenders for Soup – 2021 Buyer’s Guide.
For jar and multifunction blenders look at our 5 Best Blenders for Vegans – The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide for 2021.

Here is our 2021 selection of the best individual smoothie blenders:

COSORI Blender

The COSORI blender is the only individual smoothie blender on the list that has 3 buttons for its blend modes (start/stop, auto and pulse). At 800W its motor is quite powerful considering the affordable price.

The COSORI blender has a 32oz jar made of BPA-free plastic that has a blending capacity of 24oz. Its stainless steel blades are removable and it is easy to clean as well as dishwasher safe. It’s very handy if you are preparing several sauces or smoothies at the same time, as it comes with two 24oz and one 12oz cup, as well as transportable and drinking lids. Unfortunately, the latter has been criticized for its bad design – the opening strap touches the forehead when drinking. The blender also comes with a cleaning brush and a recipe book.

The blender also features overheat and overload protection which keep the blender durable. Nevertheless, the manufacturer warns against blending food above room temperature. There have been some complaints about the rubber band on the blade attachment, which can become weak over time and needs to be replaced. Fortunately, the company offers great customer service and they offer a complete replacement in case of breakage within the 2-year warranty.

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  • 32oz / 1 l container
  • 2-year warranty
  • great customer service
  • dishwasher safe and easy to clean
  • removable blades
  • overheat and overload protection


  • Can’t blend hot ingredients
  • bad design of drinking lid
  • rubber band wears over time

Ninja BL480D

A great choice for efficient vitamin and nutrient extraction, the Ninja BL480 is a powerful blender, intended for individual use. It has intelligent programs combining timed pulsing, blending, and pauses for top performance, as well as a digital countdown.

The Ninja BL480 offers a lot for its price and comes with a one-year warranty. It features a powerful 1000W motor that can, unfortunately, be quite loud when running at maximum speed – around 92 decibels. On the bottom, it features suction cups that keep it stable when blending. The Ninja BL480 has a 18oz and a 24oz Tritan BPA-free jar and most parts are dishwasher safe. One thing to keep in mind though – wash the rubber gasket in the blade area frequently, or it may get moldy over time. It cannot be replaced through Ninja.

The blender features two sprout lids and two containers, which are also all BPA-free. Unfortunately, in case of malfunction, individual replacement parts are difficult to find and quite expensive to replace. Another minus is the fact that it doesn’t have a low speed, can’t blend hot ingredients and isn’t strong enough to make oil-free nut butter.

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  • 18oz and 24oz container
  • Powerful 1000W motor
  • intelligent programs
  • digital countdown
  • dishwasher safe
  • suction cups to keep stable
  • 1-year warranty


  • must wash rubber gasket frequently
  • quite loud (around 92 decibels)
  • difficult to find expensive replacement parts
  • can’t blend hot ingredients
  • doesn’t have low speed
  • not strong enough for oil-free nut butter

Tenswall Portable Blender

The Tenswall portable blender is the perfect choice for you if you have an active lifestyle and want to enjoy fresh smoothies on the go. The only portable blender on the list, it’s powered by a 4000mAH battery, which requires 3 to 5 hours of USB charge per 20 to 30 uses.


We love the small and sleek design which makes it easy to pop into any moderately sized backpack or take on a plane. The 13oz (350ml) container is made of food-grade non-toxic eco-friendly PCTG material and also features a travel lid. The blender has a self-cleaning option, which is a good thing, as it is hard to clean manually. It has a built-in safety function and 6 stainless steel blades that are unfortunately not replaceable.

The TENSWALL portable blender is very cheap and offers a lot of bang for its buck, but logically, there are some areas in which it is lacking; the motor is quite weak only 120W, which isn’t suitable for frozen food or breaking ice, and it also isn’t suitable for hot ingredients. Additionally, we dislike the fact that the jar is not removable from the base, so you need to lift the whole machine to drink. It also doesn’t offer variable speeds or a pulsing option.

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  • small 13oz (350ml) container suitable for travel
  • portable, charged via USB cable that is included
  • Self-cleaning option (what this means)
  • very affordable


  • container may be too small
  • hard to clean manually
  • weak motor – only 120W
  • not suitable for frozen and hot food
  • parts not replaceable
  • jar not removable from base
  • no variable speeds or pulsing option

CHULUX Bullet Blender

The CHULUX bullet blender offers many great features at a great price. It is also the quietest blender on the list, so if you like to drink smoothies at crazy hours, this is a great choice for you.


The CHULUX bullet blender has one 32oz and one 15oz Tritan BPA-free jar, so it’s suitable for individual use as well as a larger gathering. It has a powerful 1000W motor and 2 types of blades – a 2-leaf type for dry grinding and the 4-blade one for wet blending, so it is great for making smoothies or grinding spices or coffee. It has a temperature control and ventilation design that prevents overheating, however, it is not advisable to blend hot ingredients, as it may shorten the lifespan of the product.

It’s an individual blender that is easy to clean, since the cups are dishwasher safe and the jars also have a wide opening suitable for cleaning manually. The device has a heavy base and suction cups on the bottom, so it stays stable when blending. In case of malfunction, replaceable parts are easy to find and customer service is very helpful and responsive.

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  • not loud
  • one 32oz and one 15oz jar
  • powerful 1000W motor
  • 2 types of blades for dry and wet ingredients
  • temperature control and ventilation design
  • easy to clean
  • stable
  • replaceable parts easy to find
  • safe lock and fit design


  • not suitable for blending hot ingredients

NutriBullet Pro Plus

NutriBullet is praised for offering some of the best single-serve mini blenders so it is not surprising that it is the winner of our list of the best individual smoothie blenders. What we love most about it is its 60s hands-free automatic blend option, which doesn’t force you to stand by the blender while it’s working its magic. It’s also a great choice if you have pets or small children, as it starts up slowly and doesn’t scare with sudden loud noises.


The Pro Plus model has a super strong 1200W motor suitable for making smooth nut butter (although some oil or liquid is needed or it may damage components). It is so powerful it can heat up the drink in case of prolonged blending time. The blender has a 32oz Tritan BPA-free jar that comes with additional lids, comfort lip rings, 2 flip-flop lids and features 2 cups – one with 32oz and one with 24oz capacity.

The NutriBullet Pro Plus blender is easy to clean and the cups are dishwasher safe. The blades, however, need to be rinsed manually. It has a small, storage-friendly frame and suction cups at the bottom to keep it stable while blending.

One thing to keep in mind when using the NutriBullet is to carefully connect the container to the base, otherwise, there may be leakage that can get the container stuck. Suitable replacement parts are difficult to find in case of malfunction, but you do get a 1-year warranty. There is also a NutriBullet recipe app, where you can get inspired to make the perfect smoothies, sauces, and nut butters with your new best individual smoothie blender.

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  • slow start – pet and small children friendly
  • super strong 1200W motor
  • 60-second automatic hands-free blending
  • makes smooth nut butter
  • 32oz and 24oz Tritan jars
  • easy to clean
  • suction cups to keep stable
  • 1-year warranty
  • recipe app


  • difficult to find suitable replacement parts
  • risk of leaking if container not properly connected to the base

* If a blender is self-cleaning, this means that you can easily clean the blender by adding some water and dish soap inside the container and running the machine for a few seconds. You can see how self-cleaning is done in this video.

When choosing the best individual smoothie blenders, we did our best to find a great balance between the price and the features offered.

These are the winners of the best individual smoothie blenders 2021 buyer’s guide. The NutriBullet Pro Plus swayed us with its power, pet and children-friendly slow start, and automatic hands-free blending option. Because of its amazingly powerful motor, effortless perfect blending, and slick design, the NutriBullet Pro Plus wins first place as our top pick for best individual blender. The CHULUX bullet blender comes in second place due to its good price-to-performance ratio, and the Tenswall portable blender is your best pick if you’re looking for a cheap individual smoothie blender that is portable and travel-friendly.

Still feeling undecided? Check out our best blenders for everything guide.

We hope this guide came in handy and you now know which individual smoothie blender will keep you company in the next few years.

Happy blending 😉

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